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Tim and Martha Bhajjan

Tim and Martha are certified Christian Life Coaches who work with men, women and couples who are seeking God's direction in their lives. They specialize in working with ministry leaders, pastors and their spouses.


Martha also provides coaching and consulting services for Christian communities, ministry groups and mission teams. 

My husband David and I have been coached individually by Martha and Tim Bhajjan of Split Rock Coaching over the past few months, and God has revealed so much truth and imparted a courage to pursue our dreams, gifts, and callings as a result of these sessions. As incredible as they are as coaches, the most impactful part of each session is not only how Tim and Martha guide the sessions but how they follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to guide each session. You can tell in each session, both before they come to the session and all throughout they’re asking God for direction and discernment. Because of the reliance on God to guide and lead, we experience revelation and truth that I don’t think we could discover through human means.


Another unique element of working with Tim and Martha has been feeling known and heard. I am shocked sometimes in our bi-weekly sessions just how many details Martha remembers from something I shared two weeks ago. If you’re truly looking for God to work a “refining fire” process that frees you to boldly pursue His best for your life, we would highly recommend inviting Martha and/or Tim to accompany you on that journey along with the Holy Spirit - Lauren & David N