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About Deep Discipleship Experiences and Retreats

“I feel so blessed that the Lord has brought you both into my life. Martha, you have carried a message that my ears and heart needed to hear. Tim, you are a gentle and wise man of God. You have both contributed to my learning and journey, in and with Christ, and for that I will always be truly grateful.”

“I have really experienced freedom from the obstacle I shared since our time together.”

“... when I got home, I had a cup of tea and a good chat with Jesus. I told him that he was in charge of all areas of my life and that I yielded all things to him.”

“Continuing to trust in the Lord, NOW. Grateful for the emphasis on ‘now’ shared by Martha.”

“It's been a significant week of learning and transformation for our community. Members say we've been given ‘a new way of thinking’, ‘a new way of living’, even ‘a new community’ If your group wants to grow together in love and unity, we highly recommend Split Rock Coaching.” Jonathan Miles, Director of Shevet Achim, Israel

About Art Retreats and Interaction with Tim

“A huge thank you for the lovely day. I enjoyed the retreat very much. A wonderful ambience and really supportive, relaxing environment. It was a calm and peaceful time for reflection.”

“Thank you both for a beautiful day! God’s presence was so evident throughout our time together.”

“I have been painting for more than 30 years, attended classes, workshops, etc., but felt my work had stagnated... Tim very patiently and sensitively looked at my work, from the past 20 years, and together we talked and explored ways to improve and move forward, with an eye to subject matter and composition, tonal values, etc. Tim’s expertise and encouragement have given me a new confidence to keep painting, and with a fresh perspective.”

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