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Split Rock

Expressions Retreat for Christian Artists

I would like to invite you to be part of a 30-day Facebook Group experience followed by a one-day online retreat for Christian artists. 


The purpose of the 30-day Facebook Group experience is to help you explore the theme of the upcoming retreat in community with other creatives. Each week you will have opportunity to explore deeper truths by responding to the reflection questions, share your thoughts, and give and receive encouragement from one another. 


The purpose of the retreat is to draw close to God, listen to His Voice, and express that experience with Him creatively through your artistic medium. 


The retreat is divided into four parts. 

  • The first part consists of 30 minutes of reflecting on a passage of Scripture.

  • This is followed by four to five hours of creative expression of your reflections in God’s company.

  • The third part will consist of 30 minutes of live interaction with one another about our experience.

  • In the fourth and final segment we will post our creative expressions online for each other to see, appreciate and encourage one another.  


Participation by joining the Facebook Group is free! 

Registration cost for the Retreat: $18 

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