Coaching for Christian Ministry Groups, Teams and Communities

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Martha Bhajjan

Certified Life Coach

Martha's laser-focused coaching  help communities, ministry groups and teams to experience unity and the love of one another.

“Martha is compassionate about helping others reach their full potential in Christ.  She has the ability to recognize specific gifts. Martha is so good at getting right to the heart of the issue." 

Lesley L.

Hayward, WI, USA

Martha’s experience and education:

  • 25 years of designing and leading deep discipleship training experiences

  • Mission trip leadership and logistics

  • Leading retreats, workshops and seminars

"It's been a significant week of learning and transformation for our community.  Members say we've been given "a new way of thinking", "a new way of living", even "a new community". Martha shared a biblical message on accepting each other . . . and learning how to work together in unity.  Martha helped us focus on the one necessary requirement for entering and remaining in our community (and in the Kingdom of God, for that matter): a heart of humility.  If your church, group or workplace wants to grow together in love and unity, we highly recommend Split Rock Coaching."

Jonathan Miles

Shevet Achim in Israel

  • B.S. Public Administration, Corrections

  • M.S. Child Development & Family Relations